Find Your Own Yoga

A regular yoga practice can help you become a more healthy, happy and peaceful person. Through our shared yoga practice, we learn to breathe deeply, quiet our minds and take joy in our abilities.

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Message from Ada

Here are some tips as you subscribe:

1 – Review class schedule – March classes have been added.

2 – Purchase the subscription below that supports your choice; or adjust your current subscription if your needs have changed.

3 – Login to your account to register for classes covered by your subscription.  

4 – Register for classes you plan to attend.  Save your confirmation email because it contains the Zoom link which is your “ticket” to get into class.

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This one-hour class uses a chair as a prop for postures which are either seated or standing.  It is for students who are uncomfortable moving to the floor, are healing from an injury, or who are interested in a gentle practice from a different perspective.

This one-hour class uses slow warm ups, gentle postures (asana) guided by the breath (pranayama) and deep relaxation. It is for students interested in learning to relax and feel good in their body.

gentle yoga

This one-hour practice is about being present and aware.  It is a guided meditation in which the student sits or lies down in a comfortable position, closes their eyes and is guided into layers of relaxed awareness – finding connection of body, mind and spirit. 

This one-hour class is for students interested in practicing yoga breathwork (pranayama) techniques.  Some prior experience is
needed or attending Breathwork Workshop.  Participants should wear comfortable clothing. Practice can be seated in a chair or sitting/laying on the

Breathwork - 1

This one-hour class is a gentle form of yoga that invites the student to create greater balance in their life.  This practice is perfect for those looking for a deeper relaxation, healing from injury/illness or relief from daily stress.  The student will need to be able to move to a reclining position (on back or on belly) on the floor or other firm surface. 

This one-hour class will practice meditation techniques.  It is for students interested in learning about meditation and establishing a regular practice.  Students should wear comfortable clothing and can sit in a chair or on the floor. 


This workshop will run for 6 weeks, with one, one-hour class session per week.  No prior experience is needed. It is for students who are interested in learning yoga breathwork (pranayama) techniques.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing. Practice can be seated in a chair or sitting/laying on the floor.

If interested, submit your name to the Waiting List by using the “Contact” button.

Breathwork - 1

Ada's philosophy approach beliefs

I believe anyone can practice Yoga, although each person’s yoga will look different. This is because each of us is different – in size, shape, physical capabilities and emotional state. Yoga is never about comparing ourselves with others; it’s not a competitive sport. We need to remember all of us experience differences in ourselves each day, hour or moment. That’s why we must all find our own yoga.

Yoga is also about creating ease in your body. It is most effectively practiced without judgement, with acceptance, and an adventurous and curious spirit. You will learn to listen to and honor your body, finding true meaning within yourself.

If at any time, you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or something hurts, come out of the posture and move to a position of comfort. I encourage you to discuss these situations with me after class; I will offer you adjustments, alternatives, and/or props that will best support you in your practice.

I see my job as serving as your teacher, guide and coach. However, each of you must also find your own yoga which will honor your unique needs. Because of this, you are your own best teacher. You can make your practice as hard or as easy as you want each time you come to your mat.

Payment Options

Each student who practices must purchase a class or a subscription.  Exceptions for special circumstances must be discussed and approved by Ada.  

Subscriptions are a more economical way of purchasing classes.

Subscriptions start on the day of purchase and renew each month automatically. 

Classes expire, if not used within the month — they do not roll forward.

A subscription must be purchased in order to have an “Account”. 

The student must login to their account in order to register for classes paid for with their subscription.  

1 Class
$ 10 Per Class
  • Single class
  • No recordings
$ 50 Per Workshop
  • 6 sessions
  • No recordings
$ 25 Per Month
  • All recordings
  • No live classes
4 Classes
$ 45 Per Month
  • Any 4 classes
  • All recordings
8 Classes
$ 60 Per Month
  • Any 8 classes
  • All recordings
12 Classes
$ 85 Per Month
  • Any 12 classes
  • All recordings