ada rediger

August 30th, 2020

Hello Friends!

Another week has come and gone, along with another month! I continue to appreciate your support, in this yoga teaching endeavor.  This week we had a few more friends join us in our practice. Thank you!

September will be just as busy for me as August was. I will be taking an advanced training on September 11 thru the 14th and will not be teaching that weekend. As we get closer to that weekend, we can discuss alternative days for classes.

The website now has the payment system connected and in “test” mode. A
button is also available to go to the recordings. I will be testing all aspects, and writing a bit more content based on questions you have asked. I feel like we are getting very close!

Back to this email, and its purpose of communicating class offerings for next week. The days and times I can offer Chair and Gentle yoga classes are as follows:

Chair Class Schedule:
 Tuesday, September 8, at 9 am CST
 Thursday, September 10, at 9 am CST

Gentle Class Schedule:
 Monday, August 31 at 9 am CST
 Saturday, September 5 at 9 am CST

Below is additional information regarding how I plan to operate my business, “Yoga with Ada” until my website launch. I will —

 Teach 4 classes a week – 2 Gentle Yoga classes and 2 Chair yoga classes
using Zoom.
 Charge $10 for each class you take. One of the challenges of not having the website, is taking payment. I am asking each person to decide how many classes they will take based on this email, and then send me a check via “snail mail”. This week I have tested, and learned that the US Postal Service is working just fine, so not to worry.
 Text you when I receive your check. This payment approach is built on “the honor system”. I am grateful that it is working so far. Thank you!
 Send email with a list of days and times for next week’s classes on Sunday; and ask you to respond, indicating which class(s) you would plan to attend. Promptly hearing from you allows me to create a class roster.
 Accept more student registrations to a given class as late as 2 hours before the start of class.
 Send a Zoom link to those on the class roster the day before the class. This
email will also include a liability waiver.  By joining the Zoom session, you
will be accepting the waiver.
 Open each class session 15 minutes before start time for the class. You
must join the class at least 5 minutes before the class start time which
allows me time to admit you and start the class on time. If you are having
difficulty joining the session, you can text me at 309-824-1710.
 You will send me a check made out to “Yoga with Ada” each week for the
classes you take or plan to take.  I will charge $10 per class.    

My address is: 
Ada Rediger
Dba Yoga with Ada
15084 E 2100 North Road
Hudson, IL  61748

More on the “honor system” –
o If someone else is practicing with you, I trust that each person will
pay for the class.
o If I don’t receive payment for the prior week, I will not admit you to
the next week’s classes unless we have discussed payment plans

A few other informational points –
o I will try out class times/days and ask you for feedback regarding
preferences.  I will use this approach to set the class schedule on the
o I am planning that my “Drop In” class charge will be $10 when the
website goes live.  Additionally, I will offer “4 and 8 Class Pass”
subscriptions which will be more cost effective for you.  Additionally, I will offer a “unlimited” recordings subscription. I’m not able to
offer these subscriptions until the website goes live.
o I will record classes and they will be available to those who purchase
a subscription after the website goes live.
o As we near the “go live” date, I will offer “Welcome” sessions which
will be used to check technology, answer questions, provide a tour of
the website and discuss props needed for each class.
o If you know someone else who would like to attend my classes,
please forward this email to them with a cc to me.

 I hope each of you has a wonderful week!