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February 2021 Newsletter

Newsflash Update!! – please notice changes to the new class types

In January, we discussed setting intentions as a different approach to New Year Resolutions.  With a new year, many people set resolutions inspired by changes they would like to achieve.  I did this for many years, although as I reflected on the result, I was often disappointed that I didn’t meet my expectations for one reason or another and felt like I had failed.  Have you been there?  As I began to practice yoga and learn about yogic philosophy and tradition, I have evolved towards setting intentions (Sankalpa) and acting with intention (sometimes called mindfulness).  An intention is a vow or resolution we make internally which will help us experience a deeper connection to our life.  It is not a “should”.  It can refine our will and focus and harmonize mind and body.

Some questions that can help you define your intention:

  • What do you want?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • How are you using your gifts in the world?
  • What do you need to let go of?
Our theme for February will be “Being Kind to Ourselves and Others”.  Please send me email with your questions and or thoughts on this topic.
  • Free Information Session on Tuesday, February 16 at 10:30 a, CST.  This session is an opportunity to ask questions about the navigating the website, my offerings or setting up your yoga space and technology.
  • Restorative Yoga on Thursday, February 11 at 4pm CST.  This 1-hour class is a gentle form of yoga that invites the student to create greater balance in their life.  The class will include a centering with breathwork, warm-ups, a few yoga postures that are supported by props and end with a relaxation period.  The mind is invited to slow down with the use of breathwork (pranayama), hand postures (mudra) and repeating words to yourself (mantra).  This practice is perfect for those looking for a deeper relaxation, healing from injury/illness or relief from daily stress.  The student will need to be able to move to a reclining position (on back or on belly) on the floor or other firm surface.  Many props are used in this practice such as bolsters, several blankets, blocks and sometimes a strap.  We will spend time discussing objects you find around the house that can be used as props.
  • Yoga Nidra on Thursday, February 25 at 4pm CST.  This 1-hour practice is about being present and aware.  It is a guided meditation in which the student sits or lies down in a comfortable position, closes their eyes and is guided into layers of relaxed awareness.  A few of the reported benefits are lower stress, being less reactive, greater happiness and better sleep.  A few props can enhance the experience, such as a blanket to cover your torso because body temperature falls as we become still.  Also, any props you prefer that enable you to find a comfortable position that can be maintained for a length of time.
  • Yogic Breathwork Workshop starting Tuesday, March 2 at 3p CST.  This workshop will run every Tuesday at 3:00 pm CST for 6 weeks (March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and April 6).  Each session will be 1-hour.  It is for students who are interested in learning yoga breathwork (pranayama) techniques which:
  1. Oxygenate the body and increase lung capacity
  1. Reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia
  1. Improve focus and self-awareness
  1. Tone and balance the nervous system
Following completion of this workshop, If there is enough interest, I will offer a monthly class where techniques learned can be practiced.
  1. Go to
  1. If you have a subscription, go to your account and Logout before proceeding to #3.  Those without a subscription can go straight to #3.
  1. Go to the “Class Schedule” and purchase the class or classes, using your own email address and credit card.
  1. Forward the confirmation email to the gift recipient along with your personal greeting.  Please CC me at, and I will add them to the class roster and know to expect them.

Choose something simple.  Make it is sound like you have already achieved it, such as “I am peaceful and full of joy”.  Repeat it to yourself daily.  I find this approach to be gentler and I can usually see I have made progress.

Set your intention and then let the universe figure out the details.

February is heart health month and I always remember Valentine’s Day when I was in grade school!  I didn’t have a “special someone” in grade school, but remember the fun of finding a small card that had a pleasant or funny message for each person in my class, including my teacher.

In February, our theme will be “Being Kind to Ourselves and Others”.  It may be fun to return to those gentler days of kind words and gentle humor.  Instead of mentally beating ourselves up because we forget something, or misplace something, or we don’t think we are perfect in some way; maybe we can change our self-talk to be kinder and gentler.  I will offer readings, discussion and suggestions about accepting ourselves and others.  Additionally, I am offering 2 new class types this month that will give you an opportunity to practice being kind to yourself.  I look forward to sharing ideas and learning about being kind from each other.

News and Notes:

The February and March class schedules are now on the website.  Please be sure to register for the classes covered by your subscription.  The new classes can be selected for your subscription.  The Breathwork Workshop which starts in early March (3/2 at 3pm for 6 weeks) is not covered with a subscription and must be purchased separately.

As I am updating my website, I would like to include testimonials or comments from students.  If you are comfortable sharing, I would be very grateful to you.  My plan is to include testimonial and first name and last initial of the contributor.

New class types have been added!  The days and times of these classes may be changed or adjusted in future months, based on feedback and results.

Comfortable clothing should be worn and no prior experience is needed.  Students may sit in a straight-backed chair with no wheels or on the floor.  Props, such as blankets, cushions or blocks can be used to assist in finding a comfortable seated position.  Students will need a notebook for journaling or taking notes.  A box of tissues nearby is also helpful and a glass of water.  Classes will include teaching and review, answering questions, warm-ups, and practice.

If you are looking for a Valentine for a special someone, maybe a yoga class with Ada is a perfect choice!  Here are the steps you can take:

As always, please let me hear from you!  Your feedback, questions and suggestions continue to inspire the additions and changes to my teaching and website.


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