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June 2021 Newsletter

Yoga with Ada Newsletter

June 2021


At the time of the last newsletter, I was so excited to be experiencing warm weather.  Well warm days are coming more frequently and a friend has told me June may be warmer than usual!  My first reaction was, “I don’t like hot weather!”  Yours may be similar, or you may love hot weather – but you likely had a judgmental reaction because you are human!


My challenge for you this month, is to notice your reaction to things, especially how you feel, the sensations in your body.  You could use a journal to note the emotion you are having and note what you feel. 


I am beginning a journey to become more aware of my reactions/feelings/emotions and the affects they have on me.  I am inviting you to join me on this journey, as much or as little as you prefer.  I will invite conversation about recent experience, what emotions occurred and what sensations were felt.  You will be invited to share your thoughts and experiences if you would like.  I believe this will enhance our practice by increasing our body/mind awareness.  I look forward to our conversations that will occur before our classes.  I encourage you to join class as early as 15 minutes before class, if you would like to participate.


Last month I began talking about going back to “in person” teaching and how it could/would affect my online teaching/schedule of classes.  Well, fast forward to this week, I resumed teaching Gentle Yoga in person at the Normal Township Activity and Recreation Center(ARC).  It felt so go to see students in person 😊  There weren’t enough students interested in Chair Yoga, and so we will try again in July.  If you are a member of ARC, please watch for your June ARC newsletter to learn about class offerings.  I would love to see you in person again.


News and Notes:

The June and July class schedules are now on the website.  Please be sure to register for the classes in order to fully use your subscription.  If you would like to take more classes than covered by your subscription, you can log out of your account and purchase as many single classes as you would like. 


As I mentioned above, I have resumed teaching Gentle Yoga (9 am to 10 am CST) at ARC on Tuesday mornings in June.  A minimum did not sign up for Chair Yoga, so we will try again in July.  Please watch for your June ARC Newsletter for details.  Everyone must wear a mask when they enter the building, although once in class, those who have been vaccinated may remove their masks if they would like.


I will continue to teach both Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga, as well as Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra through my online studio, Yoga with Ada, using Zoom. No Masks are required, and you can practice in your jammies😊!  Gentle Yoga will continue to be offered on Monday and Saturday mornings at 8:45am CST.  Chair Yoga will be offered on Thursday mornings at 9 am CST.  I will no longer be offering Chair Yoga on Tuesday mornings.  Here is a link to the June schedule -> Events for June 2021 – Yoga with Ada (


I have family visiting around the July 4th holiday and will not be teaching Gentle Yoga on July 3.  Here is the July schedule ->  Events for July 2021 – Yoga with Ada (


I am collecting names on a waiting list for the next Yoga Breathwork Workshop, maybe in the Fall.    Please let me know if you would like your name added to the list.  A description of the workshop can be found on the website ->  Classes Offered – Yoga with Ada (

Some other items I am working on, include –

  • Meditation Workshop and/or class – please let me know if you would be interested.
  • Video about how to make props from items found around your home.
  • Links to some of my favorite businesses that promote health and well-being are being added to my Yoga Resource page -> Yoga Resources – Yoga with Ada (


If you are looking for a birthday/anniversary gift idea for a special someone, maybe a yoga class with Ada is a perfect choice!  Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Go to
  2. If you have a subscription, go to your account and Logout before proceeding to #3.  Those without a subscription can go straight to #3.
  3. Go to the “Class Schedule” and purchase the class or classes, using your own email address and credit card.
  4. Forward the confirmation email to the gift recipient along with your personal greeting.  Please CC me at, and I will add them to the class roster and know to expect them.

As always, please let me hear from you!  Your feedback and suggestions continue to inspire the additions and changes to my teaching and website.