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August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter



Change, Change, Change – looking back over the past year, it’s hard to believe all that has changed! 

  • My yoga teaching has changed, as most of you know, starting with creating a website and moving to teach online using Zoom. And then going back to teach in person for June and July of this year.  And then pausing the in-person teaching again for August.  It will be interesting what the future will bring!
  • I have changed – we all change each day, month, year…. Although you may have noticed there isn’t as much of me 😊  Last November I began working with a Health Coach and this year I began to work with a Functional Nutritionist.  I have reduced my weight, increased my activity level and am feeling much healthier.  It is in my nature to always be working to maintain/improve my health.
  • My family has changed – some of you may have had happy and sad changes to your families as well. Happily, I have another great-grand-daughter and sadly I lost a brother-in-law to COVID-19.  I am grateful to my yoga practice which has helped me through these hard times.  On a more positive note, I am happily looking forward to my grand-daughter’s wedding in October 2022 😊 which I am sure will be here before we know it!
  • My home has changed – not my address, but many projects, both large and small have been “ticked off” the “To Do” list. Spending much more time at home over the last 18 months has made this possible.  I have to say I have come to enjoy yard work and gardening more than I ever before!  I am also finding time to address many small projects that in the past were looked over until they became “urgent”!  It is very nice when things are clean, organized and working.
  • How I spend my time has changed – a by-product of the COVID “sheltering at home” caused me to review my activities. I conserved the value and whether I truly enjoyed many of them.  I have to say my life is more focused on things I enjoy and I find I’m asking myself more often if how I spend my time is supporting my wellness and happiness.
  • How have you changed? Are you seeing benefits to these changes?  Do you find satisfaction, contentment and joy each day?  I would like to hear your thoughts. 

The reality is that change will continue to happen.  The best advice I’ve ever received regarding change, is to find the “good” in the change…. No matter how small it might be. 


News and Notes:


Last Thursday, I received an email from Molly Camper, Program Director at ARC.  She was announcing that due to the increase of COVID cases in McLean County and the rapid spread of the COVID variant; wearing masks at all times while participating in activities at ARC is mandatory for all people whether they are vaccinated or not.  This change made me very sad when I first read about it. After some time thinking about it and a good night’s sleep; I’ve decided I feel very grateful that the leadership at ARC cares so much about their members.  I care about the well-being of my yoga students.  I asked my students who had been practicing in person about their willingness to wear a mask as they practiced.  I learned the majority did not want to practice wearing a mask.  The decision was made for me, because the registered minimums were not met so I am not teaching at ARC in August.  Maybe more will register in September and the requirement for masking will be lifted.


Since I am not teaching on Tuesday mornings at ARC, it is possible to add another Chair Yoga class to my online teaching schedule.  You will see Chair Yoga classes added on Tuesday mornings at 9 am CST.  Please look at your schedule and see if this works for you.


Another change I am making to my online teaching, is that if no one has registered 24 hours before a class, it will be cancelled.  This change will help me find better balance with work and life.  Please be sure to register for classes a few days before the class, so that classes are not cancelled unnecessarily.  

The August and September class schedules are now on the website.  -> Events for August 2021 – Yoga with Ada ( and Events for September 2021 – Yoga with Ada (  Please be sure to register for classes in order to fully use your subscription.  If you would like to take more classes than covered by your subscription, you can log out of your account and purchase as many single classes as you would like. 


I completed a training session with the new version of Zoom.  I will be making a few changes as I have time to work on the class scheduling.  I will be adding a “poll” to gather feedback from students.  I hope this will help me make good decisions.  I am also learning about background features and sound features. 

As I mentioned earlier, I am reviewing how I’m doing things with the intention of providing a quality service, making good use of my time and managing costs.  With this newsletter, I am no longer using MailChimp.  Instead, I am sending email.  I’m not sure if this will be a big change for you…. But it is a huge time saver for me since I’ve struggled to use MailChimp over the last year, without realizing any benefit.  Please let me know what you notice.  😊  

If you are looking for a birthday/anniversary gift idea for a special someone, maybe a yoga class with Ada is a perfect choice!  Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Go to
  2. If you have a subscription, go to your account and Logout before proceeding to #3.  Those without a subscription can go straight to #3.
  3. Go to the “Class Schedule” and purchase the class or classes, using your own email address and credit card.
  4. Forward the confirmation email to the gift recipient along with your personal greeting.  Please CC me at, and I will add them to the class roster and know to expect them.

As always, please let me hear from you!  Your feedback and suggestions continue to inspire the additions and changes to my teaching and website.