Frequently Asked Questions

A subscription is created when either “Unlimited Recordings”, a 4-class or an 8-class subscription is purchased.  Subscriptions will auto-renew until the subscriber cancels.  The subscriber must register for the classes in order to be added to the class roster and receive a Zoom link.  Unused classes at the end of a 30 day period (month) will expire.

Yes, by canceling your current subscription and then completing your purchase of a different subscription option.  Please be aware that cancelling a subscriptions will cancel renewal of future months.  You will still be able to register for and attend the remaining classes for the current month.

When website navigation buttons are not available, use the “back” button for your browser.  

Subscribers receive a payment receipt for $0 when they register for a class because they have already paid with a subscription.

  • A confirmation email is sent to the student when they register for a class.  This email will include a  link to the Zoom meeting, the Meeting Id and Pass Code.  It will also include a cancellation link to be used if the student is not able to attend the class.  Please keep track of your confirmation emails!

Props can be made from items you have at home or found at many sporting goods stores and Big Box stores, such as Dicks, WalMart and Target.

Yes, you need either a chair for Chair Yoga classes or a matt  for Gentle Yoga classes.

You may want to use additional props as you learn how they can help you find ease in different postures while practicing.  

I have created short informational recordings about props and they can be found on the “Props are My Power Tools” page of this website.

The design of the website uses your email address to determine who you are, so only one subscription can be linked to an email address.  A different email address must be used if you want to purchase another subscription.