Props are my Power Tools!

Straight back Chair without arms  – If your chair has wheels, they must be locked so that you will have a “stable” base on which to practice.  Additionally, the chair can be placed on a sticky matt or other sticky surface so that it does not slide when you put your weight into it.  A chair without arms allows the most ease of movement. 

Yoga matts – are a little “sticky” in order to provide a stable base and keep feet from sliding while in standing postures.  A yoga matt can also provide cushioning for hands and knees in seated and knee down postures.  When a bolster is not available, a rolled up yoga matt can be used along with a blanket to make a bolster substitute.

A standard sized mat is usually 24″ x 68″.


Yoga Blocks bring the floor closer, or extend our arms, providing a more stable posture and allowing you to soften and feel the full effect of the posture.


Standard sized blocks are usually 6″ x 8.5″ x 4″, although they can come in many different sizes and shapes.

Yoga Strap – Choose a strap that is 10 feet or longer so you have plenty to work with.  A strap can be used to provide support for legs or arms in different postures, keeping you safe by supporting your body. 

Blanket(s) are a multi-use tool.  They can be used to provide cushioning while seated, kneeling or lying on your back.  They can also be folded or rolled into different shapes and sizes and used to provide support in various postures.  A blanket is also very nice to use during relaxation because as the body comes to stillness it can be more susceptible to cold.

Standard sized blankets are usually 48″ x 71″; although a size that is easy to fold and refold is helpful.  If you use multiple blankets as in Restorative Yoga, it is sometimes more convenient if they are the same size.  


Bolsters are used to provide comfort in your posture.  They should be firm but a little soft.  They come in many sizes and can be used to provide support in many restorative or relaxation postures. 

Standard sized bolsters are usually 25″x 11″x 6.5″, although they come in many sizes.