Yoga Breathwork (Pranayama) Workshop

This workshop will run for 6 weeks, with one, one-hour class session per week. No prior experience is
needed. It is for students who are interested in learning yoga breathwork (pranayama) techniques.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing. Practice can be seated in a chair or sitting/laying on the

  • Each class session will include:
    Review of material presented in prior session
  • Answer Questions
  • Slow warm ups
  • Instruction and practice of yoga breathwork (pranayama) techniques
  • Short relaxation
    Participants will learn Pranayama techniques that will:
  • Oxygenate the body and increase lung capacity
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia
  • Improve focus and self-awareness
  • Tone and balance the nervous system
    Recommended Props:
  • Straight back Chair (No Wheels) or Yoga Mat; as preferred by student for sitting.
  • Yoga blanket, cushion or blocks to assist in finding a comfortable seated position
  • Pen and notebook for taking notes and for journaling
  • Tissues